Using previous versions of your zone configuration

Gandi stores up to five versions of your zone file if you ever need to revert to a functional version, in the event of a mistake!

Using a pre-existing zone file : If you already have zone files and would like to re-use one of them, click the relevant link in your zone file management interface. You'll then see a similar list:

You can see the details of each zone, select it, rename it (for something slightly catchier) or delete it if it is not linked to any of your domains. Simply click the relevant link!

If you click “View”, you'll be able to visualise the complete zone file, thus allowing you to make sure it's the one you want:

Save a Zone File each time you change something in your zone file: our system then saves it as a “version”.
You can choose up to five previous versions saved for this purpose. Therefore, if something goes wrong with your configuration, you can just pick an 'old version' and apply it!

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