Gandi Business SSL Certificate

The Business SSL Certificate, created in partnership with Comodo, allows you to have the highest possible level of certificate validation available on the Internet.

Comodo has significant resources available for the validation of the legitimacy of any entity throughout the world. The certificate that is provided is, therefore, called an Extended Validation SSL (EV) certificate.

In 2006, the Certification Authority Browser Forum, which includes the major web browser suppliers and CCL Certification Authorities, adopted a set of standard practices for the validation of certificates. These standards define and allow for the issuance of an Extended Validation SSL certificate.

Certification Authorities that provide such a certificate must be subject to audits.

When customers visit a website that has been secured by an Extended Validation SSL certificate, the web browser's address bar turns green and displays the name of the company that has been specified in the certificate, as well as the Certification Authority.

Both the web browser and the Certification Authority control this display, which makes phishing on your trademark difficult when secured in this way. It also helps protect your customers from being fooled by counterfeit sites.

Your customers will know they are accessing the right site, as they will see a green address bar, giving them the assurance that they are dealing with your authentic site before proceeding with sensitive operations such as checkout.

Gandi's Business SSL certificates are validated online, as well as through a DCV method to prove that you have rights to the domain. The final validation is also subject to the reception of official documents confirming your ID as well as a telephone validation undertaken by Comodo.

There are two different types of business SSL certificates:

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