How do I format my text?

First double-click on the text box that you want to edit. Then click on the 'Font' tab in the 'Editor' to see the formatting options for that text box. There are several different formatting options available. These may vary form text box to text box depending on the font used:

  1. To justify your text, or apply bullets, highlight the text you want to apply the format to, and then click on the appropriate format icon.
  2. To apply Bold, Italic, or Underline your text, again highlight the piece of text you want to format and click on the appropriate icon.
  3. To change the point size of the text, highlight a piece of text, and enter a new number in the 'point size' field and press 'enter' on your keyboard.
  4. To change the colour of your text click on the colour chip, select a new colour from the pallet, and this will affect the entire text box.
  5. To change the font type you are using, use the drop down box to choose a new font name, and this will be applied to the whole text box. All standard fonts will support the full set of extended or accented characters i.e. for non-English text or language. Not all graphic fonts offer the same support for extended characters so checking is advised.

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