What is the difference between Standard and Graphic fonts?

Standard fonts use common (or system) fonts that are stored on your computer (through your operating system), while graphic fonts embed whole font sets in your SiteMaker site which must be downloaded by a visitor's computer. This has a number of implications. Standard fonts have more formatting options (e.g. bold, italic, underline etc.), permit use of extended or accented characters (e.g. French, Spanish, Greek etc) and are much quicker to load as they already pre-installed on your computer system.

Graphic fonts provide a wider range of (creative) choices, are optimized for on screen display, but are larger files and have more limited formatting options. A common practice is to use graphic fonts for titles and standard fonts for body text.

If you use the same graphic font in different places in your site, then it will only need to embed (or download) once, i.e. the font won't need to be reloaded each time the page is viewed. So if you want to use graphic fonts try to limit the number of styles used to make your site quicker to load for your visitors.

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