How do I add a Video Player to my site?

  1. Navigate to the page where you want the video to appear and then ensure you are in 'edit' mode.
  2. Click 'Insert' on the toolbar, select 'Object' from the drop down, and finally click on 'Video player'.
  3. Position the video player on your page. If you wish to resize it, use the grab handles on the side or use the use the fields on the 'Info' tab in the Editor to position and scale the player precisely where you want it.
  4. Select the 'Setup' tab on the Editor, and then choose whether you wish to add your own uploaded FLV (Flash video) to your player or link through to a video on either Google Video, YouTube, MySpace or Kewego.
  5. For more control you can use the options on the 'Style' tab to color the controls and background as well as lock the aspect ratio, turn on “Auto play” and hide the controls.

For more information on linking to videos please see the 'How do I add videos from Google or YouTube?' FAQ.

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Last modified: 12/12/2008 at 08:05 by Ryan A. (Gandi)