How do get my Flash Video to play in the Video Player?

  1. To play your own uploaded (FLV) video file on the Video player, click on the 'Choose my own file' button.
  2. Use the 'Browse' button to navigate to the FLV (Flash Video) file you wish to use, highlight it and then click the 'Use this Button'.
  3. You should see the name of the file in the window, and the 'Apply' button should be green.
  4. Click the 'Apply' button and the video should load up in the Video player on your page.
  5. Within the Video player controls at the bottom of the player you will notice that the running time of the video (the time-stamp) is included on the right hand side with the left hand side displaying how much of video has played (which should be at zero till you start playing).
  6. To test your video, you need to click inside the Video Player once to select it, click the Play button once to select it, and then click the Play button again to play. It should start playing and the duration bar will (along with time stamp) indicate the video's progress.

You can also visit the Style tab to change how the video is used and displayed. Apart from color styles for the player you can also make the video play automatically once loaded (default is off), change the aspect ratio (default is set at 4:3) if you wish to stretch the player, and you can hide the controls at the bottom of the player (although users can click on the screen to play and pause the video).

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