What is the webmail address?

You can access webmail at https://webmail.gandi.net or (in non-secure mode) at http://webmail.yourdomain.com

Make sure to replace “yourdomain.com” with your domain name !

How do I send an email with webmail?

You can use your webmail account to send messages to any active email address. The integrated HTML editor allows you to send messages in HTML (IE4/IE5 only) or you can use the text editor to send standard “text” messages. To send emails via the Web

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on write message in the navigation bar
  • Fill in the headers :
    • A: Either enter the email address or choose one from your address book. To send to more than one recipient, insert a comma (,) between each address.
    • Subject: Enter the subject.
    • CC: Enter the email address for one or more recipients. A copy of the message will be sent to them.
    • BCC: Enter the email address for one or more recipients. They will receive a copy of the message unbenownst to the other recipients.
  • Compose your message in the dedicated text box..
  • If necessary, click on 'Attach' to download the files you wish to send with the message.
  • Click on 'Send' at the top of your screen.

If you use IE4+ you can use the HTML to compose your messages. This tool allows you to incorporate HTML tags in your messages so that you can modify the font type, size and color as well as the text format. With HTML, you can also incorporate images, tables and hypertext link in your messages. You can also define personalized HTML tags by clicking on HTML Source and even copying HTML code from another application.

Can I save unfinished messages as drafts without sending them?

Yes. To save an unfinished mail without sending it, click on “File” and then “Save message to drafts”. After having saved your message, you can reopen it at anytime by :

  • Clicking on “Drafts” in the navigation bar on the left
  • Click on the message of your choice.

Messages in the “Drafts” folder will be saved until you erase them.

How do I configure my preferences to webmail?

Click on “Email Settings” to modify the preferences of your email account. The preferences are:

Préférences du WebMail

Displayed Name Enter the name that will appear on outgoing emails

Reply to Specify a Reply-To address if different from your login name

Sort email By Emails displayed in the email window can be sorted by

Default Font Style Select your preferred font for the interface

Service Language Choose your language.

Leave messages on Server For external POP3 accounts only. Choose if you want to leave messages on the server.

Inbox Refresh Rate Select the number of minutes for the inbox to refresh. You will be alerted of new mail with a sound.

Number of messages to Display Select the number of email messages to display per screen

Time Format Select the time format you prefer to use within the Webmail and Calendar interface

Date Format Select your preferred date format

Select your time zone Specify your time zone in the GMT format. All message dates will be formatted in the

selected time zone. Specify default mail-encoding

When sending outgoing emails specify the default encoding for the message content

Block images in email messages Optionally select to block URL referenced images in messages. This is a common technique used by spammers to identify your email account.

Address Auto-complete Enable email auto-completion when typing addresses in the email compose window

Message Pop-up Select if you wish to allow message pop-ups when viewing emails

Auto Delete Trash Automatically delete messages sent to the Trash folder. Delete Trash on Logout If selected, all messages in your trash folder will automatically be deleted when you logout.

HTML Email Editor If selected Gandi Mail will automatically let you compose messages in the HTML editor instead of plain text.

New Window Pop-up Automatically open email messages in a new window

Email signature Create your signature. It will be attached to all outgoing email.

How do I create a new folder?

In order to better organize your messages, you may want to create new folders (unlimited). To create a new folder, you need to :

  • Go to “Utilities” then “Folder Manager”. Click on “new folder”
  • Enter a folder name
  • Click “Add folder”.

How do I rename a folder?

Right click on the folder of you wish to rename:

  • You will then be able to directly enter the new name
  • Click enter to save your changes

How do I transfer messages to a different folder?

To transfer a message to another folder, you should :

  • Open the folder that contains the message you want to transfer.
  • Pour le message que vous souhaitez transférer, cliquez sur la case à gauche du message. Vous pouvez sélectionnez plus d'un message à la fois.
  • Sélectionnez le dossier de destination.
  • Cliquez sur le bouton “Déplacer”.

How do I delete a folder?

In order to delete a folder, you need to first delete all of its messages (only empty folders can be deleted). To do this :

  • Click on “Folder Manager” in the main menu
  • Select the folder you wish to delete and click on delete

How do I empty my trash folder?

To erase permanently your trashed e-mails, you just have to go on the “Tools” menu and click on “Empty trash”. The Gandi Mail interface is going to ask if you are sure you want to erase all messages. Click on “Yes” button to erase or “No” to go back on previous page.

NB : Once all messages are erased from the trash, they are permanently unavailable and can't be recovered.

Is the email in my trash folder included in the disc space?

Yes. The messages in your trash folder are part of your total storage limit. To permanently delete the contents of this folder, click on “tools” then “empty trash”. You will be asked to confirm this choise. Click on “yes” or “no” to return to the previous page.

NOTE : Messages that are deleted from the trash folder cannot be retrieved. How do I empty the trash folder? To permanently delete the contents of this folder, click on “tools” then “empty trash”. You will be asked to confirm this choise. Click on “yes” or “no” to return to the previous page.

NOTE : Messages that are deleted from the trash folder cannot be retrieved.

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