Configuring Gandi Mail for Outlook

In order to use Gandi Mail on Outlook, it must be correctly configured.

There are 3 different services that may be configured depending on what you want to do:

  • Create a POP3 account: This will allow Outlook to go and get e-mail from the mail server and download them to your computer (classic e-mail use).
  • Create an IMAP account: This allows Outlook to get e-mails from the mail server without deleting the messages from the server (webmail use)
  • Create a SMTP account: This allows sending e-mail through Gandi's mail server

In the large majority of cases, one uses an incoming service and an outgoing service such as either POP3 & SMTP or IMAP & SMTP (the coupling of POP3 & IMAP would not be of much use for the same account :)

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