Cloud infrastructures

Some technical info…

Gandi hosting was launched in January 2008. By choosing to use cutting-edge virtualization technology, we are now able to provide you with virtual dedicated servers that you can set up to be managed either as root or via our website.

Cloud hosting is a new computing infrastructure method that allows for the sharing of the resources of our datacenters so that we can provide the optimal performance for your servers in real time by distributing and allocating individual resource components as needed.

In a cloud-type infrastructure, we have physical machines called “nodes”, as well as the disks that are necessary to the storage of the information of the VPS on “filers”. The coordination of this system is made via the XEN hypervisor, which managed the resources available in all the datacenters as well as replying in real time to the modification requests of all the VPS that are in our infrastructure.

The interest of a Cloud infrastructure…

There are several advantages to using this type of technology:

  • First of all, and this is very important in our opinion, the utilization of Cloud technology is environmentally sound. The sharing of all the resources of our datacenter avoids waste, so that we are using a maximum amount of our notes and filers.
  • This type of technology is also significant in that avoids the problems that are linked to the use of fixed physical machines. Because of virtualization, we can even move all the VPS from one datacenter to another, without impacting your server.

The usage of this technology allows us to rethink the way that dedicated servers are managed, and you can control precisely what resources you want to use for your servers, depending on your needs.

We can also assure that we provide you with a high level of service, due to the reactivity of this technology and emergency procedures that we have in place in the event of a hardware incident.

** Development possibilities …*

Thanks again to this technology, the possibilities are endless, and we are therefore able to continue adding new features.

Fist, we introduced the subscription to our hosting service in the form of “shares”. A share contains a bundle of resources that allows you to create a server. By adding and removing shares to your server, you can tweak its performance in real time.

The logical evolution in the elaboration of our hosting product has let to today's system, where you can subscribe to the individual components that make up a share. This gives you even greater control and flexibility of the resources needed for your web applications.

Future features will let you have yet further control over the resource components that you allocate to your server. The utilization of this virtualization technology will continue to assure that we can constantly provide you with new and practical options that will reshape the way that you think quality hosting should be.

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