What is a registry?

A registry is an organization that manages the centralized database of domain names registered in a TLD zone. In the schema of domain name management, they are immediately above, and must not be confused with, a registrar (Gandi).

Each TLD has its own policies and procedures.

It is the authoritative source of information, which updates whois and root nameservers for the TLD with the content of its database.

Registries for each TLD are:

Registry TLD
Afilias .info,.in,.me,.aero,.bz,.hn,.mn,.sc,.vc
AFNIC .fr,.re*
Centralnic .la,.xx.com,.xx.net
CZ .NIC .cz
Cocca .ht,.gs,.am,.fm,.sb,.tl,.mu,.cx
Denic .de
DK Hostmaster .dk
domreg LT .lt
DNS .BE .be
Dot Asia .asia
Dot Cooperation LLC .coop
EETT .gr
Eurid .eu
FCCN .pt
Ficora .fi
GDI .ws
GNR .name
IIS .se
IP mirror .jp,.sg
mTLD .mobi
My.co .co
NASK .pl
NeuLevel .biz,.us,.cn,.tw
nicAT .at
nic .im .im
nic .it .it
nic .ru .ru
NomiNet .co.uk,.org.uk
Norid .no
PIR .org
PuntCAT .cat
Red.es .es
Red Cientifica Peruana .pe
Registry MX .mx
Registry Pro .pro
Restena DNS-LU .lu
SIDN .nl
Switch .ch,.li
Telnic .tel
VeriSign .com,.net,.tv,.cc
World Names .nu
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