Transferring your .CO.UK, .ORG.UK and .ME.UK to Gandi

1. Update the IPS tag

Update the tag: Contact your current registrar and request that the IPS tag of your domain be changed to: GANDI

If you are unable to get your tag changed at your current registrar, you can do so directly at the registry (note that this is not free if you do it via Nominet directly, as they charge £10)

2. Launch the transfer

Launch the transfer process on Gandi's website. Do not include an authorization code or the transfer may encounter an error, causing it to be delayed.

If the owner information for the domain at the registry is different than your handle at Gandi, our system will automatically create a new handle for the domain's owner. You should therefore take care to double check this.

3. Confirm the emails

Confirm the transfer. You will receive a confirmation email from Gandi that is sent to the email address of the Gandi handle that is specified as the domain owner. Be sure to accept this within 6 days of launching the transfer.

The confirmation email sent to the owner will contain the Gandi contact handles to be associated with the domain. For example:

by accepting the transfer, you accept Gandi's contract, 
which you can view at the following page:

* to accept or refuse this transfer, please proceed to the 
following page:   (edited out)

* if you authorize this transfer, and if it is successful, 
the new contacts (except if you did not check the box to 
perform an owner change) for the domain name will be:

OWNER : ABC123-GANDI                               
ADMIN : ABC123-GANDI                                      
TECH :   ABC123-GANDI       

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