Summary of domain name transfers to Gandi

The transfer process is often different according to the extension. Here is a quick summary of them:

TLD Registry Confirmation Email Auth code? Expiration date
AERO SITA Yes +1 year
AG Nic AG Yes +1 year
AF CoCCA Registry 1) No +1 year
AM CoCCa No +1 year
ASIA DotAsia Yes +1 year
AT Gandi Yes No
BE DNS.BE no email Yes 2) Reset
BIZ NeuLevel Yes +1 year
BZ Registry Yes +1 year
CAT PuntCat Gandi Yes +1 year
CC Verisign Gandi Yes +1 year
CH Switch Gandi+Registry Yes No
CN Neustar Registry Yes +1 year
CO.UK Nominet Special process3) No No
COM Verisign Gandi Yes +1 year
CX CoCCa Gandi Yes +1 year
DE Denic Special process4) Yes Reset
ES RED.ES Special process5) No No
EU EURid Gandi Yes +1 year
FI Ficora No Yes No
FM CoCCa Yes +1 year
FR Afnic Yes Reset
GD AdamsNames No No
GR GandiYesNo
GS CoCCa Yes +1 year
HK HKIRC Yes +1 year
HN NIC.HN Registry Yes +1 year
HT CoCCa Yes +1 year
IM Domicilium Special process6) Yes No
IN IN Registry Registry Yes +1 year
INFO Afilias Gandi Yes +1 year
IO NIC IO Gandi Yes +1 year
IT Special process7) Yes/No Reset
JP JPRS Special process8) No No
LA .LA Registry Gandi Yes No
LC Nic LC Yes +1 year
LI Switch Registry Yes No
LU Restena Registry No Reset
ME DoMEn Registry Yes +1 year
MN MN Domain Registry Registry Yes +1 year
MOBI mTLD Registry Yes +1 year
MS MNINET Yes +1 year
MU CoCCa Yes +1 year
MX Registry .MX Yes +1 year
NAME GNR Registry Yes +1 year
NET Verisign Gandi Yes +1 year
NL SIDN Yes Reset
NU WorldNames Special process9) No No
ORG PIR Gandi Yes +1 year
PE RCP Gandi Yes +1 year
PL NASK Special process10) Yes No
PRO RegistryPro Registry Yes +1 year
RE Afnic Yes Reset
RU RU-Center Special process11) No No
SB CoCCa Yes +1 year
SC VCS Registry Yes +1 year
SO .SO Registry Gandi Yes +1 year
ST Tecnisys Gandi Yes +1 year
TEL Telnic Registry Yes +1 year
TC AdamsNames No No
TL CoCCa Yes +1 year
TV Verisign Registry Yes +1 year
TW TWNic Registry Yes +1 year
US NeuStar Registry Yes +1 year
VC NicVC Registry Yes +1 year
VG AdamsNames No No
WS GDI Gandi Yes +1 year


Confirmation Email Meaning
Gandi Gandi sends an email confirmation
Registry The Registry sends an email to confirm the transfer
Gandi+Registry A confirmation email is sent by both Gandi and the Registry
Special process A special transfer procedure is necessary for this extension

Expiration date Signification
+1 year The current expiration date is extended by one year
Reset The expiration date is reset to be the date of the transfer + 1 year
No The expiration date remains unchanged

See also

1) .AF : the Registry send an email to validate the transfer within 7 days, failing this You can still accept the transfer by fax within a new deadline of 7 days
2) .BE : You initiate the transfer via our interface, then the registry sends you the auth_code with which you must relaunch the transfer via your interface
3) .CO.UK : The domain needs to be “pushed” at the current registrar and then completed at Gandi
4) .DE: An Authorization code is needed, or by fax. The link is provided in the confirmation email.
5) .ES: The registry sends an email to the administrative contact, containing explanations for validating or cancelling the transfer. If you do not validate the transfer within 10 days, it will be cancelled.
6) .IM: Email from the Registry + Authorizaton code + special process
7) .IT: The transfer procedure will be different depending on whether or not your domain is currently registered wit a Registrar (-REG) or a Maintainer (-MNT). From REG: authorization code + email; From MNT: confirmation form to be sent by fax
8) .JP: Gandi must provide all the contact information to the Registry
9) .NU: a fax needs to be sent to the Registry
10) .PL: transfers are done by authorization code. If the registrar is NASK, then a fax must be sent.
11) .RU: The customer must ask the Registry directly (, by providing Gandi's handle: 5427/NIC-REG
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