Relaunching your domain name transfer

Relaunching your domain name transfer may be needed if it did not go through the first time. Some common reasons for this:

This operation is free in the large majority of cases. If you are asked to pay again, or if you are unable to relaunch the transfer as indicated below, please contact our customer support for more information.

To relaunch your domain name transfer :

1. Begin by logging in under the Gandi handle that you used to launch the transfer in the first place.

2. Proceed to your “Orders in progress” page :

You will see your pending transfer in this table. Note: By moving the mouse cursor over the “Failed” line under “State” you will see the reason why the transfer failed, such as “Error in authorization key”.

3. Click on the ”(more info)” pencil icon that corresponds to the domain name that you want to relaunch.

4. You will then be taken to the transfer “Status” page, where you can check the status of confirmation emails (step 2) and you can find a form where you can add/change the authorization code (step 3, if applicable) :

5. Enter the authorization code that you have been provided by your registrar/reseller (this auth code is case-sensitive !).

You cannot enter “just anything”. Each domain name has a unique code attributed to it by the registry, and they check what you provided to what they have in their database. If these do not correspond exactly (they are even case-sensitive), then the registry (Verisign, Pir, etc.) will refuse the transfer again.

6. Click on the “change” link to submit the auth code.

7. Return to your “Orders in progress” page, and then click on the “Relaunch the operation” recycle icon.

Your transfer will then be sent to the appropriate registry for verification. The normal transfer time for a gTLD is from 1 to 5 days. Beyond that, please contact our support team for personalized assistance.

Some registrars will automatically re-block a domain against transfer after a certain time period. If you see in the whois ( that your domain has the status of “clientTransferProhibited”, then you will need to log into your current registrar account and unblock the domain before relaunching the transfer, or it will be refused by the registry.

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