Transferring your .IT domain to Gandi

Before launching the transfer, contact your previous registrar to get the domain's auth code and to be sure that it is not locked against transfer.

1. Launch your transfer to Gandi using our transfer form

2. When asked for your authorization code, indicate the auth code that your previous registrar provided you. It will be between 6 and 16 characters, and submit

3. Do not change the owner name for the domain. The name of the owner handle at Gandi must correspond 100% to the name of the owner at the current registrar. If this is not the case, the transfer will fail.

If you want to change the owner, you will need to do this before the transfer, or after the transfer. An owner change is not free for .IT domains, and you will need to contact customer support for assistance with this.

In order to use your handle at Gandi as the owner or admin contact of a .IT domain it must be associated with:

If you do not correctly provide this information your operation will fail. You must click on “modify” during the transfer request process, and then when a new window pops up, please enter your ID number in the field that appears.

4. Confirm the email that Gandi sends to the owner handle of the domain name at Gandi.

5. The losing registrar has 1 day to accept or deny the transfer, otherwise the transfer is automatically accepted.

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