IPS tags (Internet Provider Security tags, a.k.a. Nominet Provider tag, IPS key or registrar tag) are used by Nominet to identify the registrar responsible for management of a .uk domain name.

Transferring your .UK domain from one registrar to another requires changing your IPS tag from that of your original registrar to that of your new one.

Transferring to Gandi

To transfer to Gandi from another registrar, you will first need to have them change your IPS tag from theirs to Gandi's, which is simply GANDI. Note that IPS tags are case-sensitive.

Domain name owners can often change their IPS tag themselves from within their account at the losing registrar. In some cases, however, a user must submit a request to have it done on their behalf. If your original registrar refuses to change your tag for you, Nominet can intervene for you.

Transferring away from Gandi

To transfer from Gandi to another registrar, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Gandi account
  2. In your control panel, click on the domain name you want to transfer away from Gandi
  3. Click the Transfer link under General Information
  4. Enter the IPS tag of your new registrar (this option will only visible if your domain is eligible for transfer and requires a tag). The full list of IPS tags for Nominet member registrars is available here.

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