Transferring your domain from Network Solutions

If you make any changes to your primary contact information at Network Solutions, then they will automatically block your domain for transfer for 60 days. You can request that they unblock your domain name, but you will need to contact their support to do so. Be ready to fax them legal proofs of your identity.

Step 1: Unlock your domain name

1. Begin by logging into your “Account Manager” with your Network Solutions login codes at:

You will now see the “Updates & Alerts” page.

2. Click on “Domains” in the left-hand sidebar. Then click on “Manage Domain Names”.

You will now see the “Domains” page.

3. Scroll down to the “Domain Details” section, and in the “Domain Protect:” section, click on link that says “Turn Off or Request Authorization Code” at this point there are some intermediary pages:

  • STOP!”: The page with this at the top may try to sell you a special promotion. Look on the bottom right-hand corner of the page for a light-grey “continue transfer” button. Click on it to proceed.
  • WARNING!”: You will then see this, and be “warned” about your personal details being made public. This is normal and there is no need to be alarmed, because it is actually just the whois data that is needed as part of the domain transfer process. Click on the light grey “continue transfer” button again to proceed.
  • Feedback: They will now ask you for information. There is no need to provide any information to obtain your code. Click on “Request Authorization Code” to continue.

4. Click the button to the left of “Leave Domain Protect off”, and check the box to the left of “Request Authorization Code”, then click the “Save” button.

You will now be taken back to the “Domain Details” section. You can verify that your transfer protection has been removed by looking at the “Domain Protect:” line, which should say “Off” now.

Wait 15-20 minutes and then you can also look up your domain name in Gandi's whois search engine. You should now see the following status:

 Status: ok

This means that the domain name can be transferred.

Step 2: Recover your authorization code

In step 4 above you asked that Network Solutions e-mail you your authorization code. This would have been sent to the e-mail address that you have registered with them for your account. It may take several days for them to mail it to you.

Log into your mailbox and find the mail from Network Solutions that has the subject, ” Your Authorization Code Request”. In this mail, you will see a line like the following:

Your authorization code is: ktx201

Copy down the code (ktx201 in this example - note that this is a fake code, and will NOT work for your domain). This is the code that you will need to provide to Gandi when you request the transfer from our website.

Note! This code is case-sensitive! Be sure when you note it, that you pay close attention to the case of the letters.

Step 3: Launch the transfer at Gandi

Go to and follow our standard transfer process for domain names.

You can follow our tutorial on the procedures to transfer a domain name to Gandi at the following page of our wiki:

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