Domain registration: Submit your order

After choosing your contacts, you are sent to this page, where you are given an overview of your order.

Please stop at this point and double check:

  • the spelling of your domain name(s)
  • the domain name owner
  • the domain name's contacts

You may at this point chose your DNS or zone file (if you want to customize them from the start), enter a Promo Code, and read and accept the related contracts:

DNS Information

Unless you have modified the settings of your account in advance, you will see that your domain is created with our default DNS and zone file:

Click on the link “Change the DNS” to do that, or attribute a specific Gandi Zone file (more on this here).

Promo Code

This page is where you can enter your Promo Code prior to payment if you have one (more on promo codes here). Just enter it in the box, and click the button to validate the promo code.

List of contracts to be accepted

To complete your order, read and then accept the contracts at the bottom of the page and click the “Submit” button to proceed to payment.

Next step: payment

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