Domain registration: Delegation of contacts

After you have created your Gandi handle, or logged in with your existing Gandi handle, you will be taken to a page where we ask you what handles you want to assign to the domain as its contacts.

This screen displays the four (4) contacts that will be associated with your domain name. These contacts are the:

  • Owner Contact (has all the rights to the domain)
  • Administrative Contact (has all the rights as the owner, except cannot change owner, owner information, or registrar)
  • Technical Contact (has the right to change the DNS settings of the domain)
  • Billing Contact (only has the right to view the account invoices, cannot make any technical or administrative changes)

Option 1: Using the default contacts

By default, the handle that you logged in under or just created will be assigned to all the contacts of the domain. Please take note of the handle in question, because if you have more than one handle, only this one will be associated with the domain.

If you are happy with the default setting, click on “Submit” without changing anything to continue with the creation process.

Option 2: Changing the default contacts

You are given the opportunity at this stage to delegate each contact of the domain to a different person (handle).

To do so, you can either:

  • create a new handle by clicking on “create”, which will bring up a contact creation form, or
  • you can search for an existing one by clicking on the “Search” link next to the contact.

If the handle of the person you are delegating as a contact contains incomplete information, there may be errors in creating the domain. Before you use a pre-existing Gandi handle, please ensure that all its information is complete and up-to-date.

Next step: Submit your order (you may chose your DNS at that step)

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