.CA domain name activation

When you register a .ca domain name at Gandi for the first time under your account, there are a couple of important actions to perform to assure your .ca is activated.

During the registration process will be asked to agree to the Registrant Agreement (there is a copy linked below for you information). This is a mandatory step for new CIRA (the .ca registry) contacts.

Once the order is placed, Gandi will send the owner an email that contains a link to the acceptation procedure of the Registrant Agreement of the registry (CIRA) and the “Contact Id” which must be used to confirm the Registrant Agreement

You must accept the Registrant Agreement within 7 days, or the registry will delete the domain!

For subsequent requests at Gandi by the same owner contact, the domain registration is processed in real-time. Another confirmation of the owner contact is not required

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