Configuring your zone for a custom mail server

This does not refer to the PostFix installed on Gandi AI, which is only for sending mail via PHP scripts on your forums, websites, etc. To see what you need to do to send mail from your Gandi AI's postfix, please refer to this page.

If you have successfully created and configured your own mail server and need to link it to a domain name:

  1. Create an A record to point a hostname to your server's IP Address
  2. Create an MX record to point to your hostname.

For example, let's say, for example, that:

  1. You installed a mail server on a machine that has an IP address of
  2. You want to call your mail server mail
  3. Your domain name is called

You would then need the following records in your zone file for the domain

mail 10800 IN A 
@ 10800 IN MX 10 
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