Configuring your website for DeviantArt

So you have created a website with DeviantArt and now need to configure your domain name at Gandi so that it takes visitors to your website.

After having finished configuring your DeviantArt website for your domain, you will need to make some technical changes to your domain at Gandi. For security purposes, Gandi cannot perform these changes for you.

Step 1: Log into your domain name

You will need to log in to with the Gandi handle listed as the domain's owner, administrative, or technical contact (trouble logging in?).

Step 2: Change your zone file

You now need to change the DNS zone file, so that your domain knows where to find your website.

You need to:

  • add a CNAME record for 'www' to point to your website's address.

Adding the CNAME record

You now need to add the CNAME record to your zone file.

Here is the entry that you need to add:

www 10800 IN CNAME


If there is already a line that starts with “www”, you will need to replace it with this new one.

Example of a zone

Here is an example of a zone file for a domain (we'll use that will bring visitors to a DeviantArt website:

@ 10800 IN MX 50 
@ 10800 IN MX 10 
@ 10800 IN A
imap 10800 IN CNAME 
smtp 10800 IN CNAME 
webmail 10800 IN CNAME 
blog 10800 IN CNAME 
pop 10800 IN CNAME 
www 10800 IN CNAME

After you submit your new zone file, please be sure to wait a couple of hours for the zone to be updated with the new information, as the changes are not seen immediately.

Final thought

The address you have just created corresponds to If, however you also want visitors that type to see your website you will need to add web forwarding, to forward from your domain (without the www) to the www subdomain. You can see how to do this here.

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