Configuring your domain for Blogger (Blogspot)

To configure your domain name so that it points to a Blogspot (Blogger) website, you need to make a few changes to your DNS zone file (where is this?).

In addition to the records below, Blogger will require that you add a security token to your zone file in the form of a CNAME record. You will be presented with the actual values to add in your zone file from your interface at Google, but the form will look like this, when you create the record at Gandi using the expert interface:

hqzzzn56a3ri 10800 IN CNAME

Still using the expert DNS zone file interface, add the following lines tp point your domain to the Blogger servers:

Replace blog in the example below with the subdomain that you have specified when configuring your Blogspot blog (this may be www for example).

blog 10800 in CNAME
@ 3600 IN A
@ 3600 IN A
@ 3600 IN A
@ 3600 IN A

Do not forget the dot at the end of or it will not work!

Of course, if you already have something on your @ line, or blog line, you will need to replace it with this entry.

Don't forget to submit the changes and to activate the new version of your zone file.

Step 2: Update your Blogger settings

Once the changes you've made above have propagated (3 hours or so) you will need to make sure Blogger knows your domain name is supposed to point to your specific blog.

To do this, see the Blogger help link below.

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