Gandi's DNS

Gandi's primary DNS

Gandi's primary DNS are:

If your domain name is at Gandi, you can use these DNS in order to manage your domain's zone file via our website (with the exception of .tel).

Please note that you cannot mix these DNS with any other, including

Gandi's secondary DNS

You have your own primary nameserver, but you need a secondary DNS? Gandi can provide this service to you, with no extra charge (you only pay for the domain registration).

Gandi's secondary DNS is Its IP is

Our secondary nameserver can be useful if you only have one nameserver, but need another; for example, in the case of .de domains in which you need to have at least 2 name servers in a different physical location.

Please note that it does not support IPv6 at this time.

– How to add –

In your “Domains” page, select the domain in question. In the “Name servers” section, click on “Modify servers.”

Then, simply click the link to “Add Gandi's secondary nameserver” or manually add the following line (in the DNS2 field):

How it works copies the zone file from the primary DNS whenever it detects that a change has been made in the primary DNS. Therefore, you must first have the possibility of including in the zone, as it will be requesting zone transfers from the primary nameserver.

In order for this to work, you need to be sure to authorize zone transfers to our secondary nameserver.

You can test whether or not knows how to respond to your domain name by the following command:


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