MX Records

Remember: you will not be able to see any zone file modification link if you are not using Gandi's DNS. If you are using the DNS of your web host, you must make your MX record modifications on their interface.

This page assumes you already know how to make an editable copy of your zone file.
If you don't, you might want to see this step-by-step tutorial first.

When to use MX records

MX records are what are used to point your domain name to the servers where your mail is handled.

Gandi, as well as most web hosts, provide mail hosting as part of their package. To link your domain to your mail hosting, just change the MX records in your domain's zone file to be those provided by your host (Gandi adds ours automatically when you register a domain with us, as part of our default zone file).

MX records take the following form, and there are usually more than one in a zone. Here are Gandi's as an example:

@ 10800 IN MX 10 
@ 10800 IN MX 50 

You must not forget the dot at the end of your MX record! If you do not add it, then it will not work.

Specific services

If you are using Google Apps for your domain, you can see the Google MX records here.

If you are running your own mail server on a dedicated server or a Gandi VPS, you will need to make several entries in your zone file to make the MX record work. See more on this here.

Using external DNS with Gandi Mail

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