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Configuring your domain for a Wix website

So you have created a website with Wix and now need to configure your domain name at Gandi so that it takes visitors to your website.

After having finished configuring your Wix website for your domain, you will need to make some technical changes to your domain at Gandi. For security purposes, Gandi cannot perform these changes for you.

There are two ways to point your domain to WIX: by changing the DNS or by changing your zonefile.

You will need to log into your domain name with any of the contacts (other than the billing contact) (trouble logging in?).

If you have registered your domain name via a reseller, you will need to contact them to make the changes on your behalf. If this is the case, you will see a message on our website saying that you do not have sufficient rights.

Method 1: Change your DNS

Using this method will disrupt email or any other service that you specifically use with your domain name. Only use this method if you use your domain only for your Wix website.

Wix sent you an email telling you to change your DNS to theirs, and they list them in the email. Please follow our DNS change procedure and change your DNS to the ones that wix provides in their emails.

Please wait up to 48 hours for propagation before testing. DNS changes take time to become effective.

Method 2: Change your zone file

This is possible if you just want to point your domain to the WIX web servers and not disrupt any other services (ex. gandimail) that you are using with your domain at Gandi.

Adding records

To add the A record you need to first make an editable copy of your zone file (see instructions).

The entry or entries you need to add will look something like this (check your Wix account to be sure):

www 10800 IN A

If you are using Wix Mobile, you also need to add:

m 10800 IN A

Don't forget to add a record for the bare domain (unless you've added web forwarding):

@ 10800 IN A

Which entries you add depends on your own site's configuration.

Example of a zone

Here is an example of a zone file for a domain (we'll use that will bring visitors to a website:

@ 10800 IN MX 50 
@ 10800 IN MX 10 
imap 10800 IN CNAME 
smtp 10800 IN CNAME 
webmail 10800 IN CNAME 
blog 10800 IN CNAME 
pop 10800 IN CNAME
* 10800 IN A
@ 10800 IN A

After you submit your new zone file, please be sure to wait a couple of hours for the zone to be updated with the new information, as the changes are not seen immediately.

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