Using Gandi's DNS

To begin using Gandi's DNS, begin by logging into your domain's control panel with the owner, administrative, or technical contact handle (remember, if you have more than one domain, you need to click on the domain in your list of domains). (trouble logging in?)

Then, look for the “Name servers” section towards the bottom of the page…

If you want to use Gandi's DNS, click on “Modify servers”. This will bring up the following:

To quickly switch to using Gandi's DNS servers, click on “Use Gandi's nameservers,”. The form will change to be pre-filled with our DNS and you will be offered the possibility of choosing a pre-existing zone file by using the dropdown menu.

To change your DNS to Gandi's and immediatly associate it with a zonefile that you already have made at Gandi, chose the one you want from your list of zone files and then click “Submit” to continue.

Please allow for 12 to 24 hours for the DNS propagation to be complete.

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