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CNAME Records

This page assumes you already know how to make edits to your zone file.
If you don't, you might want to see this step-by-step tutorial first.

How to add a CNAME record (in expert mode)

In expert mode, your zone file will likely look something like this:


You will now need to add your CNAME line.

Here is a model that you can follow:

shop 10800 IN CNAME

The dot at the end tells the server when to stop. Simply replace shop with the name of the subdomain you want, and with the address your host provided to you.

Do not forget to add the dot at the end of the line!

When you are done, click on the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page to continue.

All that remains now is to wait for the changes to take affect, so please wait at least 3 hours to allow for the DNS propagation delay.

When to use a CNAME

When you want a subdomain to “point” to another website address. For example:

blog 10800 IN CNAME
www 10800 IN CNAME

The CNAME records above will cause visitors to see your WordPress blog when they visit or

When not to use a CNAME

You cannot create a CNAME record for a bare domain. It can only be on a subdomain.

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