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Did my payment go through?

Payment / Invoicing

You have paid, but have not been able to access the usual confirmation page on the secure payment site.

Please check your e-mail: if your payment was accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail by Gandi within a few minutes of the transaction (this will be sent to the owner and the administrative contact of the domain name). Please note that this is the confirmation of your payment and not the creation of your Gandi account.

If you have not yet received this confirmation e-mail, please contact us at the link below, and be sure to specify the domain name, the transaction number and your Gandi handle.

In addition, here are a few easy ways to verify that the process has completed successfully:

For the registration of a domain:

whois domainname

For a renewal:

expires:2004-09-14 13:31:43

has changed.

For a transfer:

How can I know which domain name I was charged for?

You may obtain the list of invoices linked to your Gandi handle in the Billing section of your account. Under 'Invoices,' you can sort the invoices by invoice number or by amount.

In the event that an actual error has occurred, please contact Gandi's customer support.

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