What is the Gandi SiteMaker toolbar?

The SiteMaker toolbar sits at the top of your page while editing your SiteMaker site. It allows you to make other changes to your site and access all of the edit features in SiteMaker, e.g. upload your own images/files, add new pages, change your design settings, etc. The icons on the toolbar provide shortcuts to some of the most common features. More options and icons are available in 'advanced view' while editing.

To change views just click on the '[basic view]' link beside the 'SiteMaker 4.0' title, above the toolbar, and confirm your switch to 'advanced view' in the pop-up panel. To switch back simply click on the '[advanced view]' and confirm your change.

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What is the "File Manager"?

The File Manager is what you use to access our library of widgets, design elements and your uploaded files. It appears in many places throughout the product, for example, when choosing fonts, backgrounds and logos, adding widgets, etc.

The 'File manager' has a number of predefined folders for the different types of files that you upload. They will be moved into the correct folders when you upload them based on their file type.

Photos, images and SWF files will be added to your 'Images' folder. MP3s will be added to 'Your Audio' folder, FLV (Flash video) files will be added to 'Your Video' folder and all other types of files will be added to your 'Download Files' folder.

You can browse all your files by opening the 'File Manger' (folder icon, or 'Files' on the 'basic view' menu), and selecting the 'My Files' tab, which will then display your folders and files.

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