Domain renewal: Duration and contracts

After you have submitted the domain names that you want to renew or restore via the renewal form, you will see the following table, which will recapitulate the expiration date, and let you choose the number of years for which you want to renew your domain(s):

If you see a price that seems unusually high, it is probably a restoration, not a renewal, and therefore normal. See the restoration page to see why.

Select the number of years that you want, and click the “submit” button. You will then be asked to log in (or create a new handle), if you have not already done so.

Confirmation and acceptance of contracts

Before you may proceed to checkout, you must accept all the contracts that apply to your purchase by checking the corresponding boxes.

If you have a promo code for your domain's renewal, enter it in the form on that page, and click “Validate the promo code”.

Pay for your order

Finally, click on “purchase” to proceed to checkout and pay for your renewal. You will then be taken to the checkout page, where you will select your means of payment and carry out the payment transaction.

More information on what means of payment are accepted, as well as troubleshooting, see our payment means wiki.

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