Activating the API platforms for your account

In order to use the Gandi API, you will need to obtain an API key. This page describes how you obtain the key, and activate the API. For testing, you should use the OT&E environment, and a test key. In production (with real money) use the production key.

Gandi's API is free to use, and available to all Gandi customers. We do ask that you have positive credit in your prepaid account before activating your API account.

Activate the OT&E API test environment

To activate your API test account:

  1. log into your Gandi account and go to “Account Management”, and then click on “API Management in the navigation menu,
  2. Click on the radio button that says “Activated” and then “Change Status

Wait a few minutes and refresh the page. You will see your test API key, which you may use for the OT&E test servers, located here:

Activate the API production environment

After your test account has been activated and you have tested your platform, you will be ready to proceed to using the API in production. At this point, return to your XML-API interface, and :

  1. Where it says “Activation of the production API” click on “Activated
  2. Enter the password of your Gandi handle in the password box
  3. Check the boxes to certify you have tested it and accept our contract
  4. Click Submit to continue

Your API production environment key will appear on the page. You may then use it for the production API servers, located here:

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