Creating a Gandi Site or Sitemaker Website

To create a Gandi Site or Sitemaker Website:

  • log into your Gandi account, and then click on the “websites” tab at the top of the page. Then, click on the blue “Create a website” button

You will then be taken to the creation form, where you will provide the information about your website:

  • Choose the website type: Gandi Site (Basekit) or Sitemaker
  • Chose a website name (to avoid confusion we recommend that it be different from your domain name). This can be anything at all, as it is just how you will identify it in your account.
  • Choose a name for the maintenance URL. This is just another address where you can find your website. It is useful, for example, if the site is not linked to a domain name, or if there is a problem with the domain - your site will still be online via that address. It must not be your domain name.
  • Maintenance URL only: check this if you don't want to link your website to your domain name yet, and only want to access it at the maintenance URL.
  • Domain name: You can choose to link this website to an existing domain name by entering the domain (ex. name into the second box, and the subdomain (usually just www) in the the first box.
  • Then, click Submit and you will proceed to the contract and payment phases if applicable.
Last modified: 06/26/2014 at 09:53 by Ryan A. (Gandi)