Simple Hosting: sFTP using FileZilla

The screenshots in this guide are from FileZilla version 3.5.1 for Macintosh. You can download the client for free here.

FileZilla is free open-source software that is well-known for being easy to use, powerful, and versatile.

This client, initially a pure FTP client, works nicely with Gandi Simple Hosting because it also supports sFTP (Simple Hosting does not accept FTP connections for security reasons).

a simple and clean interface

Connecting to the instance

FileZilla has a site manager (CTRL+S) that allows you to save the connection information for all of your sites, whether they use FTP or sFTP.

Click on “File” on the top menu bar, and choose “Site Manager”. This will bring up the little window where you can add this information. Be sure to first click on the “New site” button, then choose sFTP as the protocol and “Normal” as the Logon type (note: obviously you will replace 123456 in the example by your real user number that you got in your email):

Enter the information and click Connect

When you click “Connect” to proceed to the next step you might see the following alert:

Click on “Always trust this host, add this key to the cache”, and click OK to continue. You will then be connected to your server, and will see a window that displays the contents of your instance (the contents may vary depending on the type of instance and its version):

Virtual hosts

The pathinfo.txt file gives you some information on the contents and purpose of the directories (folders) in your instance.

Double click on the “vhosts” folder icon to go to where your virtualhosts are located. Once here, you will see a bunch of folders that correspond to the name of a website (virtualhost) that you specified to be hosted by your Simple Hosting instance.

In the above examples, my virtualhost is called because I want to have a website at an address like

If you have more than one virtualhost (website) folder, then click on the one that you want to upload files to.

You will then have the location where you will upload your website!

You will manage the folder creation, file moving, renaming, rights etc. via your FTP client. we have been using FileZilla in this example, and so right-clicking on a folder or file will bring up a little menu that presents you with these options.

You will need to see with your FTP client instructions for assistance with those types of operations, however they are usually straight forward.

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