Simple Hosting Changelog

This page lists the various changes that are made on the Simple Hosting images.

June 2016

  • added WordPress 1 click install to control panel on PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 instances with MySQL 5.6 (Percona) or 5.5

May 2016

  • php7 support
  • mysql5.6 support (through percona)
  • PhpMyAdmin update : 4.6.2 (Jessie instance) and (Wheezy instance)

April 2016

  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.47→mysql5.5.49)
  • php5.6 security update (5.6.20)

March 2016

  • better NVM support
  • update phpmyadmin (v4.6.0)

February 2016

  • php5.6
  • writable $HOME
  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.46→mysql5.5.47)
  • nodejs (v0.10.42, v0.12.10)
  • nvm (node version manager) integration for nodejs instances
  • better experience using emergency console (window resize)
  • updating minor for adminer (4.2.4)

January 2016

  • phpcomposer support

December 2015

  • nodejs (0.8.28, v0.10.41, v0.12.9)

November 2015

  • update apache2.4.16 → apache2.4.17
  • update php 5.4 bugs and security fix (5.4.45+)
  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.44→mysql5.5.46)

October 2015

  • nodejs ( v0.12.8)

September 2015

  • update apache2.4.12 → apache2.4.16
  • update php 5.4 bugs and security fix (5.4.44)

August 2015

  • update phpmyadmin (v4.4.12, v4.4.13, v4.4.13.1, v4.4.14)
  • update nodejs (v0.10.40, v0.12.7)

July 2015

  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.43→mysql5.5.44)
  • update phpmyadmin (v4.4.10)
  • update nodejs (v0.12.5)

June 2015

March 2015

February 2015

  • apache2 update (apache2.4.10 → apache2.4.12)
  • possibility to edit the php.ini file from the administration's instance
  • adding nodejs v0.12.0
  • phpmyadmin update (v4.3.9, v4.3.10)
  • Node.js instance: the port which the application must listen on is now specified by environment variable PORT

January 2015

  • phpmyadmin update (v4.3.3, v4.3.4, v4.3.5, v4.3.6, v4.3.7, v4.3.8)
  • nodejs update (v0.10.35, v0.10.36)
  • php5.4 bug fixes and security updates (see
  • uwsgi update (2.0.9)
  • fixes on mongodb CLI
  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.40→mysql5.5.41)

December 2014

  • phpmyadmin update (v4.2.13,v4.2.13.1,v4.3.0,v4.3.1,v4.3.2)
  • fix downloading binary files sometimes buggy (incomplete files)

November 2014

  • enhance log when deploying (again)
  • various fixes on Python applications deployment
  • phpmyadmin update (v4.2.12)
  • php5.4 bug fixes and security updates (see

October 2014

  • phpmyadmin update (v4.2.10, v4.2.10.1,v4.2.11)
  • php5.4 bug fixes and security updates
  • nodejs update (v0.10.33)
  • cache Varnish purge when deploying
  • enhance log when deploying
  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.38→mysql5.5.40)

September 2014

  • phpmyadmin update (v4.2.8, v4.2.9)
  • python3 is now available for python instances
  • php5.4 security updates
  • nodejs update (v0.10.31)
  • bash security updates

August 2014

  • phpmyadmin update (v4.2.7, v4.2.7.1)
  • nodejs update (v0.8.28 and v0.10.30)
  • pgsql update (pgsql9.2.8→pgsql9.2.9)

July 2014

  • phpmyadmin update (v4.2.5)
  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.37→mysql5.5.38)
  • apache2 update (apache2.4.9 → apache2.4.10)

June 2014

  • apache2 update (apache2.4.6 → apache2.4.9)
  • phpmyadmin update (v4.2.3,v4.2.4)
  • nodejs update (v0.8.27 and v0.10.29)
  • uwsgi update

Mai 2014

  • phpmyadmin update (v4.1.14,v4.2.0,v4.2.1)
  • nodejs last stable version (0.10.28)
  • ioncube update
  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.35→mysql5.5.37)

April 2014

  • pgsql update (pgsql9.2.6→pgsql9.2.8)
  • phpmyadmin update (v4.1.13)
  • adminer update (v4.1.0)

March 2014

  • phpmyadmin update (v4.1.8 and then v4.1.9)
  • pip update (1.5.4) (python instance)
  • setuptools update (2.2) (python instance)

February 2014

  • mysql5.5 security update (mysql5.5.33→mysql5.5.35)
  • phpmyadmin update (4.1.6)
  • adminer update (4.0.3)
  • nodejs update (0.10.25 and 0.10.26)
  • preparing new console (no instance reboot)
  • pgsql update (pgsql9.2.4→pgsql9.2.6)
  • mongodb update (v2.4.5 → v2.4.8)

January 2014

  • phpmyadmin update (4.1.5)
  • stable fix for php5
  • adminer update (4.0.2)
  • CLI postgres client more user friendly (typing 'psql' will just work)

December 2013

  • nodejs update (last stable version)
  • phpmyadmin update (4.1)
  • security fix for php5
  • security fix for mysql5.5 (mysql5.5.31→mysql5.5.33)

November 2013

  • apache2: increasing value of upload_max_filesize et post_max_size from 64MB to 128M
  • wildcard pre-setup for vhost
  • If you are getting this warning “AH00112: Warning: DocumentRoot [/srv/data/web/vhosts/default/htdocs]”, in your logs, restart your instance (the warning has no impact on the instance stability)
  • update minor version for nodejs
  • update minor version of phpmyadmin (4.0.9)

October 2013

  • security fix for phpMyAdmin (4.0.7,4.0.8)
  • php: allow users to change php.apc* variables
  • console: allow the users to have their own bashrc file
  • adding python instance as beta

September 2013

  • security fix for phpMyAdmin

August 2013

  • security fix for phpMyAdmin and Adminer
  • support for SSI in apache2
  • fix logrotate issues

July 2013

  • security fix for phpMyAdmin
  • php: max_input_vars can now be overriden by user's php.ini file

June 2013

May 2013

  • Varnish cache now checks that your instance is answering through a request you can see in your access.log file from apache2
  • A purge request now display a “OK” answer instead of “Error 200”
  • Add Cron section in administration panel
  • Logging emails sent via PHP mail function (phpmail.log)
  • Add Rockmongo, a MongoDB administration tool
  • mysql5.5.30 → mysql5.5.31 see; migration is automatic.

April 2013

  • Remove warning in PHPMyAdmin about MySQL running with default privileges
  • Fixing encoding issue in gitweb when a commit message contained special characters
  • Multiversions support for Node.js instances
  • mysql5.5.28 → mysql5.5.30 see; migration is automatic.
  • PostgreSQL update from 9.2.3 to 9.2.4
  • Updating phpMyAdmin (minor), phpPgAdmin (5.1, full support for postgresql9.2) and also adminer in version 3.6.4
  • Adding the possibility to create Node.js/mongoDB instances in beta test
  • Adding the possibility to reload the application for Node.js instances inside the instance's administration (restart the application only, dependencies are not updated)

March 2013

  • security fixes for php5 and apache2
  • new Node.js/PostgreSQL instance in beta. The possibility to get mongoDB will come in the future
  • ISO locales are now available
  • allow users to personnalize the administration stylesheet

February 2013

  • PostgreSQL update from 9.2.2 to 9.2.3.
  • git is now available in beta (only in Paris datacenter for now)

January 2013

  • PHP / PostgreSQL is available
  • Addition of an additional database management tool (adminer). This is a lightweight tool that supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • SSL support for virtualhosts
  • Adding Atos payment modules

December 2012

  • Addition of a PHP/PostgreSQL instance family in beta testing
  • Updating phpMyAdmin

November 2012

  • mysql5.5.24 → mysql5.5.28 see; the migration is automatic.
  • the administration space has been improved visually
  • addition of a way to help create symlinks
  • php: removal of the inclusion by default of the sdebug configuration
  • php: correction of remaining problems with php compression

October 2012

  • adding apache module Authdigest support
  • possibility to override php.ini (see lamp0/etc/php)
  • possibility to setup crontabs (see lamp0/etc/cron/ to set it up)
  • fix for gzip in php5 and mod_deflate on apache2
  • php-apc update from v3.1.10 to v3.1.13
  • the 'anonymous' user in mysql is no longer present on new instances
  • bug fixes for php5
  • security updates of phpmyadmin and php5
  • console access through SSH

These changes are applied to new instances. If you are running PHP5.3, you will need to upgrade to the latest version (follow the instructions in your interface). If you are already running PHP5.4, it is now up and running

July 2012

Also see the transition guide at ; a script will handle the database migration for your; if you encounter a problem please write to support.

April 2012

  • phpMyAdmin3.4 → phpMyAdmin3.5
  • logs are now rotated more often to prevent disk overload; moreover, php “notice” errors are not logged anymore.

March 2012

February 2012

  • Image PHP/MySQL
    • php5.3.8 → php5.3.10: security fixes; see + reactivation of allow_url_fopen
    • apache2: mod_filter is enable again after fixing a critical bug

January 2012

  • official start(19th january 2012): end of beta for image PHP/MySQL
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