Email headers

The headers of an email contain useful information:

  • When an email is delivered to its destination, the headers provide the delivery path;
  • When an email never reaches its destination, the headers provide the “Mail ID” or message identifier, which allows us to verify whether the message arrived to our mail servers and what happened to it.

There are almost as many ways of obtaining message headers as there are email clients.

Gandi webmail (Roundcube)

To obtain the headers of an email from your Roundcube inbox, follow these steps:

  • double-click on the email message to open it,
  • open the message menu (the gear icon), and
  • select “Show source” from the drop-down menu.

This will open a new window with the full message headers, which you can then analyze or copy and paste into a support ticket.

Other clients

If your client is not listed on this page, just search the web for “how to view message headers in [your email client, i.e. Apple Mail or Thunderbird]”.

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