Gandi Mail Pack

By subscribing to a Gandi Mail Pack for your domain, you get up to 1,000 email addresses for the domain. The Mail Pack is also a way to increase your storage in a flexible way.

How much does it cost?


For customers with A rates: $1.30 per GB per month For customers with B, C, D, and E rates: $0.65 per GB per month


For customers with A rates: £0.70 per GB per month For customers with B, C, D, and E rates: £0.35 per GB per month


For customers with A rates: €1.00 per GB per month For customers with B, C, D, and E rates: €0.50 per GB per month

How do I purchase more quota?

Case 1: you do not yet subscribe to the Gandi mail pack

If you have not yet subscribed to Gandi Mail Pack, you will need to do so by clicking on the “Add more mailboxes” link that you see in the control panel for your domain:


Then, simply use the dropdown menu to select the amount of additional storage space that you want to add to your mail pack. (see below for what happens next).

Case 2: you already have Gandi Mail Pack for the domain

Once you are logged into your domain name, you will see the following in your domain's control panel:


Click on “configure”.

You will now see the following line:


The number that you see represents the total quantity of mail storage in addition to the 1GB that comes with GandiMail. Therefore, in the above case, the domain's total account has 2 GB of storage.

Let's say now that you need to add 1GB to your mailbox quota for the domain in order to have a total of 3 GB. In this case, use the dropdown menu to select 2GB. This brings the total of your account to 3GB (1 free GB + 2 purchased GB by the Mail Pack):


You will then see the price for this operation (it is calculated depending on your rate scale and the time remaining before the domain's expiration)

Again, remember that the expiration date of your mail pack is linked to the expiration date of your domain in DAYS. Therefore, the price that you are shown is the monthly cost times the remaining number of months in your domain's active period.

Click on submit, and you will then see a confirmation message:

The request to modify your Gandi Mail pack has been registered. 
The changes will be made in a few minutes. If you have added 
storage space, please remember to credit your prepaid account.

Gandi Mail Pack is debited directly from your Prepaid account. If you do not have enough credit in your prepaid account, the operation will be suspended until you have credited your prepaid account with the amount necessary.

Who can manage Gandi Mail Pack?

Only domain contacts can manage Gandi Mail Pack.

  • All domain contacts as well as the owner can activate or modify the Pack Mail. The information relating to the account that activated the Pack will be present on the monthly invoices.
  • The owner as well as the Administrative Contact have the possibility of managing the Pack email accounts. (creation, deletion, modification) The Billing Contact can create, upgrade, and downgrade the Mail Pack.
  • In the event of disk space reduction (from 5 to 3 Gb for example), the corresponding pro-rata will be refunded to the prepaid account of the original payer.
  • In the event of ownership change, if the former owner paid the Mail Pack activation, the remaining pro-rata will be refunded and the Pack will be suspended. The new owner can request reactivation.

How do I manage Gandi Mail Pack?

The Mail Pack is directly dependent upon the domain to which it is connected.

  • If the domain in question uses auto-renew, then this option may also be activated for the Mail Pack. The Mail Pack will then remain active until the domain's expiration.
  • Auto-renew cannot be activated for the Pack if the domain is due to expire in less than 15 days.
  • If the domain is not renewed in time and is in Redemption Period (or equivalent), the Mail Pack will not function. It will, however, be reactivated if the domain is restored.
  • You can access the list of your Mail Packs directly from your Gandi handle's admin page by clicking on the “Mail pack” tab:


What are the Mail Pack Options?

The Mail Pack offers several options allowing you to better manage your email addresses:

  • Auto-reply: You will have the possibility of leaving an automatic message sent to persons attempting to reach you during a period of absence.

Other options will soon be added to enrich the Mail pack service. Amongst those will be the possibility of managing Gandi's anti-spam and anti-virus systems.

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