Using GandiMail from several locations simultaneously with IMAP

Professionals are frequently on the go, reading emails on their smartphones, on their tablet computers, back at the office, and when they come home. Problems can occur (missing emails at one location, problems in sorting mails, etc.), however if you have not designed the “system” to work this way…

In a word, the solution is: IMAP

IMAP is an email protocol that leaves messages on the server, and is designed so that you can access your email from multiple locations. (The 'opposite' of this is POP, which should only be used when you read emails on one computer).

Concretely, you will want to be sure that everything that you use to read your emails (ex. iPhone, iPad, home/work PC) are all set up to access your emails using IMAP.

If even one of your computers in your personal 'network' use POP, this will cause problems in consulting your emails in the other locations. All the more so if you have your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) set up to download messages from the server!

The following guides are rather dated now so they may not apply to your version of the email client, but you may nonetheless find them useful in setting up your IMAP account on your computer.

Also, always use the server name When the images were made, we chose, however works better.

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