Create a mailbox

1. Start by clicking on “Manage” after the Mailboxes line that you see in your domain's control panel:

You will then see the Gandi Mail administration section for your domain.

2. Look for the “list of mailboxes:

…and click on the “create” button. This will bring up an email address creation form.

3. Fill out the email address creation form.

  • Leave Mailbox checked as the selected type.
  • For “email account” choose the name that you want to appear before the @ sign.
  • Choose your password carefully (it is preferable to have a different one than for your Gandi handle) and then confirm it.
  • The back-up e-mail isn't compulsory but we advise you to fill this field.
  • Aliases are like mail accounts which mirror the main e-mail.

It isn't necessary to type the @ and domain name in this field, since these aliases are implicitly tied to the domain.

  • Choose the quota limit for this particular email address
  • Check the box that you accept the technical limitations

4. Click Submit to register the email address

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