Frequently asked questions about email aliases

How can I create an alias?

How can I create a dynamic alias?

What happens if the condition for a dynamic alias also matches the name of another mailbox?

Say you have created the dynamic alias rob* on the mailbox

Starting with rob

These addresses will all meet that condition:


So email sent to any of the addresses above will arrive in the mailbox

But what if the mailbox exists too?

If you create as a mailbox and rob* as a dynamic alias on a different mailbox, does email to get sent to the roberta@ mailbox, the bob@ mailbox with the rob* dynamic alias, or both?

If you create a dynamic wildcard alias on a mailbox which matches partially the name of another mailbox, the email will be received on the alias mailbox only.

This is because when a search is made from our mail service on a recipient, it stops at the first match: the alias(es).

This means if you create the same alias as the name of a different mailbox, you need to create the same alias on the other mailbox to continue to receive the mail.

In our case above, we would simply need to add the alias roberta on the roberta@ mailbox to ensure she receives her mail (and not Bob's).

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