End of life for Gandi AI

Our Gandi AI hosting service has served us well, but it's come time to discontinue supporting it:

- It is now no longer possible to create new servers through Gandi AI - Future updates will no longer be installed on Gandi AI servers, whether they're security updates or other upgrades - Our customer care team no longer provides support for Gandi AI

Existing Gandi AI servers will continue to fonction. However, on January 1, 2017, the will revert to regular Gandi Servers and Gandi AI functions will no longer be available and will cease definitively when our new site, currently under development, goes live.

We are recommending that any customers still using Gandi AI servers migrate to one of Gandi's more modern hosting options, notably Simple Hosting.

End of support

The end of support on this platform also menas updates will no longer be applied, whether security updates or the addition of new functionalities on existing servers. Please note as well that management services of Gandi AI will no longer be available on the new version of the Gandi.net site, currently being developed.

In order to prevent downtime and to ensure your hosted services remain trustworthy to their users, we strongly suggest that you migrate them to another platform as soon as possible. We've outlined a few options offered by Gandi below.

Other hosting options with Gandi

In order to prevent downtime and to ensure your hosted services remain trustworthy to their users, we strongly advise you to migrate your domain as soon as possible. Here are some options of other platforms to migrate, offered by Gandi:

Simple Hosting

With Simple Hosting, you manage your sites and web applications via tools and a graphic interface or using a command line while Gandi manages the server, allowing you to easily deploy and manage your services.


With Gandi Cloud, we offer total control over your hosting environment. You're free to install and manage your entire platform, no matter how complex.


You can find our guide to migrating a site to our Simple Hosting service in our wiki which you can use to migrate your site on Gandi AI. We would also point out that we offer an additional migration service that you may use to migrate your site as well.

Switch to "classic" mode

On January 1, 2017, your Gandi AI servers will switch to classic Gandi Servers (what was previously known as “Expert Mode”).

This change won't have any impact on any services installed on your servers. They will continue to function normally. But you will not be able to use the Gandi AI management tools.

Root user

An emergency console, available from your server management page, allows you to connect as the root user, without having to type a password and to manually control the operating system (either Ubuntu 7.10 or Ubuntu 10.04).

You can then update the 'root' user password to a password of your choice. Once the password is updated, you can disallow opening a session without a password for the 'root' user from the emergency console by removing the following line from the /etc/pam.d/login file:

# auth               sufficient      pam_rootok.so
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