How to increase your disk size

Increasing the size of your disk occurs in 2 steps:

  • the expanding of the “volume group”, which is done directly and automatically via your disk management interface.
  • changing the size of the “filesystem”, which must be done manually for servers in Expert mode.

How to decrease your disk size

It is not possible to decrease the size of your disk due to a potential risk of losing data if the new size is not sufficient for the amount of data necessary.

What you can do however is:

  1. Create a new disk of the desired (smaller) size,
  2. Attach it to your server and move the data to the new disk,
  3. Verify the data on the new disk,
  4. Remove the old disk and delete it.
Last modified: 05/04/2018 at 23:07 by Arthur C. (Gandi)