How to install a Darwin Streaming Server

Installation time: 5 minutes


The Darwin Streaming Server is the official open source version of Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server. This server is for streaming QuickTime and MPEG-4 media over the internet using the industry standard RTP and RTSP protocols.

This guide will show you how to install the Darwin Streaming Server step-by-step on the Fedora 7 distribution. You can choose this OS when creating a server using Gandi MI (manual install).

This guide assumes that you have already installed Apache, and it is running.

Also, remember to point your domain name's A record to your server first, so you can access your server via your domain name.

1. Get the code

1. Goto

2. Click on “Streaming Server” In the “Linux” section, click on “Streaming Server” (for Fedora Core 4 and later)

3. Log in with your Apple codes You will now see the following:


These login codes are the same as you use for iTunes, or you can create a new username here:

4. save the file to your disk

DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Linux.tar.gz (21.5 MB)

5. upload the file to your server In this example, I am going to upload the file to: /home/DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Linux.tar.gz using sftp (how?)

6. extract the file:

tar xvzf DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Linux.tar.gz

7. Go into the directory to the DarwinStreamingSrvr4.1.3-Linux folder:

cd DarwinStreamingSrvr4.1.3-Linux

8. run the installation script:


9: Create the administrator user

In order to administer the Darwin Streaming Server you must create an administrator user [Note: The administrator user name cannot contain spaces, or single or double quote characters, and cannot be more than 255 characters long]. Please enter a new administrator user name:

10. Specify the administrator user's password

You must also enter a password for the administrator user [Note: The administrator
password cannot contain spaces, or quotes, either single or double, and cannot be 
more than 80 characters long].
Please enter a new administrator Password:      

Enter your new administrator's password.

 Re-enter the new administrator password:

Then renter your new administrator's password.

If the passwords are the same, the installation will be complete, and you will see the following confirmation message:

Adding userName xxxxxx
Setup Complete!

2. Configure your new streaming server

11. Using your web browser, go to the following URL:

You will then see the following page:


Enter the administrator name and its password (the one you created in steps 9 and 10 above).

12. Setup Assistant MP3 Broadcast

You will now see the following:


Specify a MP3 Broadcast password.

13. Setup Assistant Secure Administration You will now see the following:


This will enable encryption between the administration server and the web client.

If you do not have a valid streaming server SSL certificate installed, do not check the box to activate this feature.

14. Setup Assistant Media Folder

You will now see the following:


Specify the location of your media folder. By default this is /usr/local/movies/

15. Setup Assistant Streaming on Port 80 You will now see the following:


To allow streaming on port 80 (the same as Apache), then check the box. *

Click on “Finish” to end the configuration.

16. Server Snapshot Once you have finished configuring your streaming server, you will see the following page, which is a snapshot of your streaming server, and the administrative control panel of your streaming server:


You can now manage your server via your web browser by logging into the following page:

(replace with the IP Address of your server)

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