Orders in Progress

Once logged into your gandi handle, you have the ability to see the status of your orders, as well as make modifications to them if needed, from your “Orders in Progress” page.

To get to this page, click on the tab that says “Orders in Progress” or go directly there from this link. You will then see your orders in progress on a table like this:

By default this page shows orders that are either in progress or that have failed, but you can see completed and cancelled orders by clicking on the “Advanced Search” link next to the search box.

On the table that lists your orders, you will see a set of 4 icons on the right-hand side. When they are black, you can click on them to perform the corresponding operation:

  • : Pays for the order from money in your prepaid account and launches the order. This is useful if you did not have enough funds in your account at the time you placed your order, and then added some later and can now pay for the operation.
  • : Relaunches the order. Useful if the operation ended in Error (ex. a transfer that did not have all the confirmations needed, etc.) and you want to try again. This will not bill you again for the operation.
  • : Edit and/or view the order's details. This very useful feature allows you to add information to your order:
    • for domain transfers: see the progress of the transfer, submit a new auth code…
    • for SSL certificates: used to view the steps, download the certificate when done, change the dcv method (see more),
    • for domain creations: add special information if required by the registry
  • : Cancel the order. Clicking on this will cancel the order, and automatically refund your prepaid account for the order if possible.
Last modified: 10/24/2014 at 16:47 by Ryan A. (Gandi)