Transferring .FR domains

.FR domain name transfers are slightly different from others.

There are two kinds:

Simple transfers

A Simple transfer (without change of ownership) is a transfer where the owner handles are in the same name at the current registrar and at Gandi.

This type of transfer works with the authorization code obtained from the current registrar. Once the code has been validated, the AFNIC registry sends an email to the current registrar.

This email serves to notify the current (losing) registrar of the transfer. If it is validated by the registrar, the domain is transferred almost immediately. If it is not validated by the registrar (no action taken), the domain is automatically transferred after 8 days. If the registrar responds with a refusal, the domain is transferred within 22 days, giving all protagonists time to settle the dispute.


A Trade (with change of ownership) is a transfer that can take more time, because in this case, AFNIC sends emails to both the current owner (at the email address shown in the whois) and the future owner (at address indicated on the Gandi account).

In the case of a Trade, no authorization code is used.

Until and unless both contacts have responded positively to the request, the transfer does not occur.

If either of the confirmations has not been received after 15 days, the transfer request is canceled.

Often, an obfuscated email address in the whois of the domain prevents the current domain owner from responding and the transfer eventually fails.

That is why we urge you, before starting your Trade, to remove whois protection of the email address at the current registrar and to be sure the email address is functional.

If the transfer is canceled by the registry, do not relaunch the operation and do not pay again. Contact our support; we can restart it for you.

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