Your domain's transfer authorization key

Getting your authorization key

To get your authorization key (also known as authorization code, auth code, EPP code), you need to log in under the owner or administrative contact handle for the domain (trouble logging in?).

After logging in, go to your domain's control panel, where you will see the following section at the top of the page:

Click on the link that says “Authorization key” (highlighted in the above image), and you will be shown a pop-up which will display it:

There are some instances when you will not see your authorization code right away:

  • -locked-: The domain is locked against transfer, you need to deactivate the transfer protection via the domain's control panel,
  • -unavailable-: The registry does not use authorization keys for their domains, and so there is none for the domain,
  • -pending-: An authorization key generation is already in progress,
  • -expired- : Please contact customer support for assistance,
  • -support-: Please contact customer support for assistance

Expiration of your authorization key

For security purposes, authorization keys at Gandi expire 365 days (or shorter, depending on the rules of the registry) after their generation/regeneration.

How to see the authorization key's expiration date You can see the expiration date in the same pop-up that displays the authorization code (see the above image).

Alternatively, if you are using our API, it is returned by the method, as well as by API.domain.list.

Manual regeneration of your authorization key

You can manually regenerate your authorization key by clicking on the button to do so in the pop-up window that you get once you click on “authorization key” in your domain's control panel (see the image above).

Automatic regeneration

If your domain is still active at Gandi, your authorization key is automatically regenerated after:

  • the authorization code's expiration date,
  • a renewal of the domain name,
  • an owner change,
  • the transfer to Gandi of the domain

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