Paying for your Order at Gandi

You can pay for your orders at Gandi by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express), PayPal, Bank Transfer, or from your prepaid account.

French customers also have the possibility of paying by check or, if they are a public body, mandat administratif.

Paying by credit card

You will be taken to our secure banking partner's interface where you will enter your credit card information and where your payment will actually be processed. Please take this time to double check the amount of the purchase which is given at the top of the page.

If everything is OK with the bank, you will receive an e-mail notification of your transaction within a few minutes, followed shortly thereafter by an e-mail confirming the creation of your domains.

More information on payment by credit card, as well as troubleshooting, see our credit card payment wiki.

Paying by PayPal

More information on payment by paypal, as well as troubleshooting, see our paypal payment wiki.

Pay with your prepaid account

More information on payment by your prepaid account, as well as troubleshooting, see our prepaid account payment page.

Paying by cheque

You may only pay by cheque if you are drawing funds from a bank account in France. If this applies to you, when you click on “Pay by cheque” you will see a page with detailed information concerning your payment.

Please note that if you pay by check that:

  • Your operation (creation, transfer, renewal, etc.) will only begin after we have processed your cheque. There is no guarantee that your domain will still be available at the time we process your cheque.
  • You must write the transaction number on the back of the cheque. If this number is missing, we will return the cheque and your operation will be canceled or left pending payment,

By bank transfer

You can pay for your order via bank transfer. Such payment will only be taken into account following the reception and validation of your payment, which usually occurs 2 to 7 days after your order has been made. Note that if you sent your transfer without the session number, that we may not be able to identify it.

For more on paying by bank transfer see our bank transfer wiki page.

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