My order is in error - how can I fix it?

If your domain creation or transfer error is stuck in ERROR on your orders in progress page, you may have the possibility of fixing it.

Some extensions require additional parameters for creation/transfer. If you do not submit all this information (or if you make a mistake) at the time of your order, it will be refused by the registry. You can correct your order and relaunch it all by yourself.

1. Log into your Gandi account, and go to your orders in progress page.

From there, you will see something like the following:

Click on the pen icon to edit/add the missing parameters. This will bring up a page that has a customized form for the specific extension of the domain in error.

For example, a failed .XXX will bring up:

Simply edit/add the information, so that all of the fields are correctly filled out and click submit at the bottom of the page to continue.

2. Relaunch your order

Once you have corrected the parameters of your order, relaunch the order by using the relaunch button (the circular arrow) that you see next to your order on the Orders in Progress page:

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