"Insufficient rights" (Cannot see/modify my domain, e-mail address, invoice, etc)

Some of Gandi's customers have more than one handle, and each domain may have up to four different contact handles assigned to it, which can lead to problems finding information, managing, or even finding your domain.

Typical problems due to using the wrong handle are:

See what handles are associated with the domain

Your handle may be managed by a reseller

If you look up the handle listed as the owner of the domain, only to find you lack the sufficient rights to reset the password, see Resellers

Finding what rights the contact has

If you are trying to manage your domain with a handle that is associated with the domain, but cannot do an operation (change owner, transfer, change DNS etc.), then you may be logging in with a handle that does not have enough administrative rights.

Enter the domain in Gandi's Whois search engine to see what the handles of the domain are. You will see that the Whois listing is broken down into sections:

  • owner-c ( = Owner, has all the rights to the domain)
  • admin-c ( = Administrative Contact, same as above, but cannot transfer or change owner)
  • tech-c ( = Technical Contact, can only change the DNS)
  • bill-c ( = Billing Contact, can only view invoices)

You can then see whether or not the handle you were using is indeed one that is connected to the domain, and if it has enough rights to perform the operation you are trying to do.

You can also see which handles the contact roles are filled by on the domain's control panel in your account.

I have domains under more than one handle. What do?

Keep in mind that you may need more than one handle. For example, .pro domains can only be owned by company-type handles, but you want to manage your personal domain under an individual-type handle. In this case, you may want to put one handle as the administrative contact on all your domains, without changing the owner, in order to manage them all easily from one place. To do this, see Changing the contacts of a domain (other than the owner).

Otherwise, to group all your domains under a single handle, see Consolidating your handles

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