Changing your email address

Changing Account Information

If you need to change the email address associated with your Gandi handle please keep in mind the following points:

  • You must be logged into the handle that is to be changed (see below if you don't have access to the handle).
  • If you are unable to change the email address, (ex. it is greyed out), of a handle, you are probably logged into the wrong handle.

Standard email change

Begin by logging in to the handle in question.

Once you have done so, click on “Account Management” that you will see in the banner menu:

You will then be taken to a list of management options regarding the handle that you have logged in under, click on “Update account information” to be taken to a form where you can then update your information.

Scroll down to the email field and modify it (be sure to submit your changes).

Manual email change

You have to log in to change your email address, but you have to have access to your email address to reset your password. So what do you do if you can't log in and you can't receive the password reset email?

First, rule out other possibilities for not being able to log in to your handle.

It is possible, as a last resort, to change the email address of a handle that you can no longer access by standard means (password reset).

To do so, you should meet these criteria:

  • You know that you do not have access to the email address that is associated with the handle in question
  • You have exhausted your login attempts
  • The handle is in your name (or in your company's name, and you can prove you are entitled to act in this capacity)

You can request that we change the email address for you by faxing or mailing us the email change form, accompanied by the necessary proof of ID as stated on the form's instructions, to prove that you are the holder of the Gandi handle. Upon reception and verification of these documents, we will change the e-mail address for you to one that you provided on the form.

All the documents must be sent to Gandi together. You may send them as attached files via email with our support team, though may also fax or mail them to Gandi.

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