Changing the owner of a .BE domain name

Changing the owner of a domain name

In the eyes of DNS.BE, the registry of .BE domains, an owner change for a .BE domain name is referred to as a 'TRADE'.

It is an owner change + a change of registrar (though in this case, the registrar remains the same, ie. Gandi).


(Note: In case you did not receive the code, you can also request it directly from the registry at See the bottom of the results page after you look up your domain in their whois.)

  1. Launch the change owner operation on Gandi's website
  2. Gandi will send the new owner and the old owner an authorization email.
  3. When Gandi has gotten the confirmation from both the new and the old owners, we will inform of the request. At this point the operation will be in “error” at Gandi. will then send an email to the former owner of the domain name that contains an authorization code.
  4. This code needs to be sent to Gandi's support team with a mention about completing the change.
  5. Gandi's support then relaunches the owner change (trade) with the code that has been provided.

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